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Buy One, Get One Free – Throw One Away?

May 13, 2010

Multibuy offers seem pretty good, don’t they? One item is £1, but you can get two of them for the same price. Just don’t mind the small print that says they’ll all expire tomorrow.

But what if you could get only one of the items for 50p? All you need to do is find people willing to share the items and the costs with you. Wear a badge that says “I’ll share multibuy offers with you” when you go shopping to let people know you’re willing to do that.

Order your badge here.

Guidelines on how it could work

Approach someone looking at one offer you’re interested in or let someone approach you when they see your badge. Find out what works best for both of you.

If you’re worried about negotiating for money or the other person not sticking with the agreement, you can look for a second similarly priced offer that you’re both interested in. This way, you both get to take one offer to the till and pay for it. Afterwards, meet up and exchange products and any money still owed.

You save a bit of money, you don’t throw away as much food and you might meet some interesting people.


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