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May 5, 2010

The fridge status magnets are meant as a visual reminder of the contents of the fridge. They represent food categories and use bright colours to appeal to children and get them involved in the food management process.

They can be used in different ways. Some of these are:

Possibility 1:
Use the magnets to keep track of everything in your fridge.

After coming back from shopping and filling up the fridge, line up the magnets on the fridge door so that each magnet represents one item of food in the fridge (one fresh vegetable = one tomato magnet, one packet of meat = one sausage magnet, etc). Once you finish an item, move the magnet to another part of the fridge door. This way, you will notice when you are running low on a certain category of food.

Possibility 2:
Get everyone living in the house responsible for a different food category.

Assign one category of food to each member of your household. They are now responsible for the food in that category and for the magnets representing it. They have to make sure that the food gets eaten and that one magnet is moved when an item of food is finished. They can earn points for managing their category right or lose points if the food expires and needs to be thrown away. Prizes and penalties can be decided on by members of the household.

Possibility 3:
Keep an eye on what everyone is eating.

In this case, one magnet represents one serving of food in a certain category, rather than one item. After each meal or snack, line up the corresponding magnets. At the end of the week, see who has been eating the healthiest.

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